The Institute of Graduate Studies started its Master and Doctorate programs in the spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year.

In our institute, our Master and Doctorate Programs in Defense Technologies and Agricultural Sciences Departments are developed with a new and innovative approach and are carried out in order to respond to technological needs.

As of the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, a total of 102 graduate students continue their education.

The main task of universities is to provide competent and well-equipped graduates that are needed, as well as to conduct scientific studies and to create cadres for these studies, to gain recognition for these cadres in national and international platforms, to contribute to the benefit of the society by providing the outputs from scientific perspectives and researches.

The graduate education activities provided to universities with the Higher Education Law No. 2547 are graduate students forming scientific studies and research staff, including master's and doctoral programs, and are carried out by institutes established within the university. Institutes are responsible for opening postgraduate programs and conducting education and research by ensuring interdisciplinary communication and coordination. The scientific and academic levels of universities are measured by the scientific studies carried out by the institutes and the number of graduates.

For this purpose, in the development of university-industry cooperation, increasing the scientific and technological capacity of our country, conducting R&D studies with university-public-private sector cooperation, continuing postgraduate studies with local, regional, national and international projects and offering solutions to problems and putting them into practice reveal the importance of institutes. 

The Institute of Graduate Studies aims to achieve continuous progress and development, to reach advanced levels in terms of quality and quantity; to be one of the leading institutions of modern science; Turkey's development and to contribute to science, evaluation of training programs are constantly aimed at the development and update. With an effective graduate education, qualified researchers in the fields of agriculture, engineering and natural sciences will contribute to the training of individuals with scientific and technological competence.

The Institute also follows international developments and social needs in the field of science and technology to encourage the opening of new postgraduate programs and advanced research topics; It has determined its aim to increase the quality of graduate education and to become an institution that trains scientists and researchers who are competent at the international level with the education programs it conducts, and who have adopted being qualified researchers.